Fly Marisa Fly!
Some attributes
First Developer & Publisher: 2DEmotion
Second Released: 2010
Third Genre: Horizontal Danmaku Shooting Dodge-em-up Game
Other attributes
Fourth Gameplay: Single-player
Fifth Platforms: Windows
Sixth Requirements: n/a

Fly Marisa Fly! is a fan-made Touhou Project game by 2DEmotion. You play as Marisa Kirisame and try to avoid a barrage of random bullets as you go the farthest you can. However, various Touhou characters are going to try to annoy you, so use your mouse to shoot them out of your way.



  • Mouse: Position Cursor
  • Left click: Select menu option, Shoot
  • W: Move Marisa Up
  • S: Move Marisa Down
  • A: Move Marisa Left
  • D: Move Marisa Right
  • Escape: Pause Game
  • F4: Toggle Full Screen/Window


The score is located on the lower-left corner and it increases as you go.

Move Marisa around to dodge incoming random bullets. The red dot at the center of Marisa, and the inner circle of the bullet are the hit boxes. When an enemy appears, use your mouse to shoot them down for 50 additional points to your score.

If your hitbox touches the inner circle of the bullet, an enemy or overhead spikes, the game ends. After that, you have the option to send in the score to, retry, or go to menu.

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