The Grimoire of Marisa
200px-GoM Cover
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First Developer: Team Shanghai Alice
Second Publisher: Ichijinsha
Third Released: 7/28/2009
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Fourth Genre: Illustrated Reference Book
Fifth Pages: 167
Sixth Comes with: The Grimoire of Marisa (CD)

The Grimoire of Marisa (グリモワールオブマリサ Gurimowāru obu Marisa) is the third official Touhou fanbook. Its focus is mainly on spell cards of many characters with screen shots of that spell card from the games, and comments written in the perspective of Marisa Kirisame, as she has made this album or scrapbook. It has art by Moriki Takeshi and Genji Asai.

It also comes with a CD containing two original music tracks and some desktop wallpapers. It was written by ZUN and illustrated by Moriki Takeshi, Genji Asai, and Kususaga Rin.